Otto Turunen


You and me. That’s quite dynamic team! Contact for more information and price estimates to your upcoming project.
Otto Turunen is Helsinki based creative entrepreneur focusing on commercial photography and retouching. Specialized in kids, beauty, fashion and product photography.

- Services -

Concept - Production and creative planning 
Pre-productionCasting, crew booking, location scouting & project management
Photography - Still life, portrait and beauty editorial & commercial work
Post-production - Retouching for clients and photographers both editorial and commercial work

Digital tech & assistant - Light & set assistant, digital capture support and on set retouching
Teaching - Workshops and lectures

- Contact information -

Otto Turunen
+358 44 5190291

- Inquiries -

Retouching portfolios or other tailored portfolios are custom made for the client.
Teaching can be tailored for workshops and private classes.

Send your request via email or phone.